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About us


A very welcome to the world of exquisite garments. We are delighted that you stopped here.

My name is Indre. I am the mother of two amazing girls Elija and Amile, and the founder of the brand ELIA dress.

As soon as my first daughter was born, I had this incredible and indescribable desire to dress her up. That was the time when I discovered sewing with passion and meaning.

I must say that sewing became part of my life in early childhood. My two grandmothers were seamstresses, and my mother practised sewing too. So while growing up, I was not only watching the process but also practising sewing with them together. Little by little, I could sew on my own.

With those around me never ceasing to admire my work, I kept thinking about how to bring more joy into my life and the lives of others. That is how the ELIA dress was born; it mainly specialises in sewing girly dresses. As a founder, I feel immense pleasure – I put all my heart into the process: from drawings to finished garments. I stroke every corner of the fabric with loving care.

Parents always want to give their children the safest and the best things. At ELIA dress, we create organic and sustainable clothes for little girls. We are always on the lookout for only the gentlest, softest and safest fabrics. That is how organic textiles appear in our workshop. We only use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified fabrics – which means that our clothes are friendly to the skin and environment.

ELIA dress is ready to spread effortless elegance all around the world! We have no doubts that even the fussiest customers will appreciate our chic art masterpieces.

Let’s conquer the world together!


Indrė Urbonavičienė

Founder of the brand ELIA dress

Eco Friendly

Organic and eco-friendly fabrics are friendly to the environment and skin (comply with the highest ecological standards GOTS).

Sustainable and slow fashion

Sustainable and slow fashion: all garments are produced with care in every aspect after order confirmation.

Esthetics and simplicity

Esthetics and luxurious simplicity - the classic models feel as good as they look and will be fashionable for generations to come..

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